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Build confidence. Strengthen communication. Improve collaboration.

Welcome to Improv for Non-Improvisers! Improv comedy is an incredible tool for learning how to work together, listen, build on each other's ideas and gain confidence and public speaking skills. Unfortunately, most improv classes are aimed at actors who are already comfortable performing. Access Improv is not for actors. It's for businesspeople looking to be more creative, expand their ways of thinking, and collaborate more effectively. We come to YOUR office and use the basics of comedy improvisation to encourage innovative thinking through adaptability and spontaneity. In other words, Access Improv will teach you how to communicate better with potential investors, new clients, your boss and your peers. Improv comedy is one of the easiest and most effective team building activities you can do for your company! Plus, it's a lot of fun!

Access Improv workshops are typically for 5-20 people, and they can run as short as two hours or as long as a full day session, depending on your needs and goals. 

This is an office team building activity you won't regret. Book a workshop today. We'll come to your place of work and you'll see immediate changes in your team! Also a great activity for corporate retreats!

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What You'll Learn:

• The basics of improv comedy.
• How to build “group mind.”
• How to work together, listen, and build on each other’s ideas.  

Access Improv also offers workshops for kids! Improv is a fun and collaborative way to teach kids how to listen, work together, and create. Improv is an artistic discipline that will be invaluable to their teamwork skills, imagination and confidence. Ask about our workshops tailored to students of all ages!