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"(The) class...was personally transformative for me. For the first time in a long time, I not only saw but felt how being fully present and committed can change the experiences I have in life for the better.  It seems so silly and like something we all know to be true -- but feeling that change in me was pretty powerful. And it has changed how I live my life now."

-Amy Gillespie, Owner - The Campfire Experience

"I'm not a super shy person, but I'm not super BOLD either. I worry too much about what people think of me and I never want to look/ feel dumb. Improv was the perfect setting for me to open up and be brave, while having fun at the same time. Since the class (yes, only one), I feel less scared to say what I'm thinking, and I don't worry as much about what people think. Alison is such a joy to be around, so she really put me at ease right from the start."

-Michala Monroe, Owner - M Monroe Design

“Alison’s workshop is an incredible and approachable introduction to improv for even the most nervous, self-conscious participants (like me!). Not only does she break down people’s walls and get you out of your shell having fun, she ties the activities back to principles that shift how you think and interact with others. Anyone who works in a team-based environment would absolutely benefit from taking her workshop!”

 -Reilly Carpenter, Product Manager - Capital One

"Alison's improv class was damn incredible. Her experience and enthusiasm pretty much instantly made the group feel comfortable. The (incredibly fun) experience itself was one you kind of can't describe, but want to share with everyone you know."

-Latham Arneson, former VP at Paramount Pictures

In addition to businesses, Access Improv can also come to retreats, company picnics, film festivals, elementary schools, non-profits, and universities (for faculty AND students!) Below are testimonials from Graduate Students at UCLA:

"Where to begin? There was so much I loved about this workshop. The presenters did a great job at pushing us out of our comfort zones while giving us enough structure and encouragement to feel safe. It was a great opportunity to play and let loose around our new cohort(, and get to know everyone better. I particularly liked the takeaway that being our authentic selves is such a great way to connect with people (as opposed to "trying to be funny" or "trying to impress.")"

"This...workshop...challenges every single person by putting them outside of their comfort zone, while still in a psychologically safe environment. It is so good at highlighting what people need to work on (LISTENING, public speaking, expressing your thoughts, forming opinions, etc.) but not in an intimidating way...So much of our professional and personal lives revolve around communication and working with people, and finding creative ways to hone those skills are invaluable."

"The presenters were very engaged from beginning to end. Highly skilled in what they do, so the quality of the workshop was excellent. It helped a lot when they would model an exercise before inviting us to give it a try. I also appreciated when they gave us feedback and encouraged us to give it a try again."